CPO Eastwood

Eastwood is the epicentre of Crime in Rotherham and an eye sore which is on one of the main gateways into town. It takes a disproportionate amount of Police resources compared to other areas if the town. I advise Rmbc to CPO Eastwood and flatten the area and relook at providing a suite of Council owned homes which are fit for purpose and not owned by rogue landlords.

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2 comments on “CPO Eastwood

  1. Completely agree but there are questions to be answered. First where are you going to put all the people who live there. Most of the houses in Eastwood are privately owned by landlords who live up broom who’s going to pay for their compensation? Just like to say fitzwilliam road starts at Dalton Eastwood is virtually town centre and is an eyesore caused by years of neglect by the owners tennants police and council.

  2. Considering that Eastwood is one of the main routes into Rotherham centre, and that this area is one of the first areas seen by visitors to the town, then I really do think that this suggestion is not a bad idea. The majority of the houses are very poor quality, ill maintained, old properties which are no longer really fit for purpose, and do not provide the kind of accommodation that is suitable in this day and age. There is enough space here to create a really modern gateway to Rotherham which would give a much more positive impression of the town.

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