Crack down on antisocial behaviour in the city centre

There is a huge amount of people that lurk around in the city centre drinking, taking drugs in full view of children, begging for money as they’re sat beside ATM machines, harassing people in the streets and also a lot of theft taking place. I believe there needs to be a way of offering rehabilitation or at least have the police on stronger patrols. Too many times have I seen these sorts of behaviours and community officers and police officers just strolling pass them. This is something that needs addressing immediately as it puts people off walking down the precinct. I know personally, and a few people I have spoken to in my work place for that matter, that I worry about walking up there and always taking another route. There was no need to put in new benches and greenery if people are still worried to walk up that way. This is something that needs to be taken seriously and needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

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