Create a Morley Archive / Museum

Recent events with the auction, and loss of, many historical artefacts collected by a local historian highlighted that there is a large amount of interest in Morley’s rich history. Sadly some of this is now in private collections but for that saved and for future items I feel Morley needs a small museum to celebrate the town and keep things safe for future generations.

The Town Hall seems like the perfect venue for this and if necessary the council should provide at least one room, completely free of rental costs, in order to facilitate this. Exhibits could be housed in such a way that no on-site staff are needed but it would also be an ideal location for local volunteers to meet and curate things while sharing their knowledge in an environment that provides them with an escape from social isolation.

Local schools and clubs could utilise this resource.

This museum should be owned by the people of Morley and with no affiliation to any single political party.

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