Create a nature area(s) in Boscombe Precinct

The pedestrianised area of Christchurch Road is very dull and could easily be made more attractive with several rectangular plant/tree areas along the centre of the precinct. This will also create a better open space and help with pollution.

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4 comments on “Create a nature area(s) in Boscombe Precinct

  1. Originally there were trees in the precinct and it was pleasant. Now it’s like a desert, just trees either end. Some greenery is definitely needed.

  2. Lots of people ask me where they can get a coffee here in the Boscombe cliff gardens.would it be possible to have a tea room by the closed toilet block .a nice area for sitting outside.
    Hundreds walk through the gardens summer and winter.
    No where to get a drink for a mile. Cafe Reiva at Fishermans walk is
    always busy.

  3. Trees down the centre of the pedestrian walkway would provide a pleasing avenue. They should be planted at street level (not in tubs or raised bricked areas) so as not to attract rubbish and people sitting around them. More cafes etc. would attract people to the area.

  4. Unfortunately, planters are used as bins in Boscombe, and at least two trees have been snapped off. Meanwhile, the number of actual bins is way short of what’s necessary. The automated bins are not emptied frequently enough.

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