Create Green Play Spaces

Create Green Play Spaces

Development of all children’s parks and play spaces using sustainable materials and including mini models of alternative method of fuel generation. These parks could include:
– wind turbines
– solar panelled play buildings like tree houses or dens
– waterfall play areas that could generate electricity from moving water
– larger trees for tree climbing
– static bicycles that could harness energy of rider (other similar moving structures could be developed using the same principle like merry-go-rounds, swings, moving barrels, see-saw harnessing the energy of the person playing)
– planting area where children are able to dig, plant and grow.

Children reclaiming the streets.

In addition to the play spaces, during weekends and school holidays we could have regular no car days on streets in rotation so that children can reclaim their streets and be able to play outside for the day thereby also bringing the street community together and reducing car emissions.

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