Creating Pride

I firmly believe going back to basics can instil a sense of pride in a community. I grew up in Kidsgrove at a time when grass verges were well kept, greens were kept, litter picked up, etc. It looked clean. As a result, I believe most people wanted to do their part to keep it looking so. Nothing to do with how much people earned…I came from a hardworking, ‘working class’ family on a ‘working class’ estate. People cared and made an effort.

My point is, everywhere is neglected, grass overgrown, nowhere for kids to kick a footy around, litter all over. If Kidsgrove had 2 full time cleaners, at estimated cost of £25k per person annual wage…plus small initial cost to kit them out with some equipment, we could have a clean town for at least the next 15 years+ for circa £1m.

Clean town, knock on effect, pride restored, people take care of gardens, put litter in bins, etc. We need to restore pride in where we live. Too many cuts to low cost, fundamentals of societal foundations!

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