Creative Quarter

Great Yarmouth could follow the example set by Folkestone and create a Creative Quarter. A space that combines retail/cafe and studio space to allow artisans/creatives to revive the offering currently provided. It’s been proven time and time again, that once you get the creatives in an area becomes desirable again. Consumers are looking for something different/unusual/hand-crafted than the usual mass produced retail offering (these are dying fast as we increasingly shop online) and we already have that with the retail park at Gapton Hall.
Margate, Folkestone and even Brighton’s revival started with the creatives, so let’s see that same idea happen in Great Yarmouth!

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1 comment on “Creative Quarter

  1. This would be fantastic . Lots of empty buildings to be used . Art has something for everyone . Lots of things peoples can become creative in . Art , photography , textiles , metalwork ,printing , pottery , jewellery , glass, metalwork micro brewing , etc . Having these all together would enable a co-operative and community spirit . I think it could become a tourist attraction in its own right . Art and craft fairs are popular , combined with cafe and meeting facilities it could be an all year round place to go .

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