Stop peoples possession getting robbed, if you can’t prevent at least help the victims rather than say nothing we can do, stop employing police officers who clearly judgmental and racist and have no commitment to help, obviously not all but so far every single one I’ve met has been in them lines. My little brother of age 17 was pulled out of a car, his head stamped on by 4 police officers , he was excessively bleeding just for them to question him and later release him without no further action. He was wrongfully Beaten and arrested. Maybe what you need to do with the money is put more cctv camera in crime related areas have more Police patrol and don’t employ racist policemen who are going to beat little kids up because they probably had a bad day. This town is rubbish because of the people who run it can’t see the daily trouble local go through because these rich policy makers and councillors live in well maintains houses in areas which are not affected by crime as much as we are.

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