Cultural and Educational Investment

With the recent exciting heritage action plan I propose we continue to support the cultural and educational communities and plans in Swindon. Beginning with investment into the current museums, the museum of computing and the Old Town museum are severely under advertised leaving many people who live in Swindon with little to do.

I suggest allocating part of the budget to these museum such that they can improve the service they offer to the town, one example would be to move the Museum of Computing into more suitable accommodation, the museum struggles with cash flow and is stuck in an old building which is less than aesthetically pleasing combine this with the lack of space and facilities there is clear room for improvement.

Secondly, I encourage the decision makers to contribute towards the events sector such as the Swindon Science festival which made the headlines this year and the Old Town, Polish and Broadgreen festivals. These show just how modern and vibrant Swindon can be.

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