Cultural Identity and Community Participation

Rather than a focus on which new businesses or activities we can bring to the town, we need to first understand why the businesses and activities we already have/have had tend to struggle.

I’d like to see more community engagement in developing a vision of what type of town are we? What type of town do we see ourselves being in the future?
This way we can develop a clear shared vision of a cultural identity for Barrow, which all of our community can feel a part of.

I’d then like to see a full calendar of large scale community events (that engage all in our community) that
– Celebrate and help to develop our cultural identity
– Help to connect all to that shared vision
– Promote ways in which you can engage in your community and a sense of ownership

It feels like if we can develop this shared vision then we can begin to have a clear idea of the types of businesses and activities we would like to attract

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