Culture Over Business

Walking through town daily for the past 3 years it is clear that Rotherham has become a business and cultural wasteland full of closed and disused buildings. The collage building west of Howard Street, the former Primark and Burger King are just a few examples of many, usually with several floors that are just as empty.
If Rotherham has a surplus of anything it is this space. This can be an opportunity.
Business is declining as a staple of any community but culture will always be needed. Rotherham is practically a blank canvas to be taken in almost any direction. Look to attract people by creating a sustainable, multicultural atmosphere with things to do, learn, and people to meet. Rotherham can be a place for the people and look to the future, in every respect. Support groups, basic life skills, shelters and areas open to anyone wanting to be involved.
This should be done for its own sake but, if done well, can result in business being returned to town to be reinvested in other are

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