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The archives of the town need to be promoted better. If people knew it was there they would actively go to find out their family history. Additionally, the museum needs to focus on Warringtonian history. We have bountiful history from the earliest Roman settlement to the modern Burtonwood RAF site. It is essential that this is preserved, like it has been in Wigan and Leigh. Another thing we need is to ensure our listed buildings remain in a good state as these our are heritage. They should not be being converted into flat and their beauty should not be exploited for money. Finally, we need to invest in blue plaques. Whenever walking through Liverpool or Manchester these are apparent and provide a little education in the history of the building. For example, the Kendrick wing at Warrington Hospital should have a plaque to note that it was previously Warrington Workhouse. This is an essential piece of info that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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  1. I would like to ask the Council to consider funding and implementation of a English Language Welsh Borders Television Channel, for Warrington, Lymm, Newton le Willows, Widnes, Hale Village (Widnes Shore), Runcorn and the area presently regarded as Chester and West Cheshire (including Northwich, Winsford, Ellesmere Port), in association with Mostyn, Holwell, Flint, Northop, Mold, Buckley, Connahs Quay, Deeside, Hawarden, Shotton, Broughton, Welsh Chester, Wrexham, Ruabon , Cefn Mawr, Llangollen, Chirk, Oswestry, Welshpool and Newtown).

    WE HAVE TO THINK ABOUT STANDARDS, JOB CREATION AND LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY. And accessing an audience of 900,000-1,000,000 regionally across the borders provides the NUMBER 1 Basis for Achieving these objectives.

    Chester University covers Warrington. For local kids to get jobs now, we need local broadcasting, because competition for jobs in Manchester and Liverpool is intense, transport is also expensive, awkward and time and energy consuming for commuting.

    I would argue for two production centres one in England, one in Wales, with college internships and Work Trial apprentice programmes to provide Education, Training, Skills, Investment Packages, Enterprise and Opportunity through fairness and openness for local people.

    I would argue that funding may pay for itself if programming covers areas like a Local Snooker Tournament and only the late rounds of this open tournament (Silver Cities or other title) are aired. Because UK wide, it is a popular game for bored afternoon audiences.

    In some ways we need our BBC LIcense Fee back as a Region, because we are Media Shy. But my suggestion is we ask the BBC, S4C and Channel 4 to share local services and hours and to co fund and co invest as a block.

    We might cut some kind of a wider deal in my opinion with Swansea. Because the Welsh Language Channel doesn’t really do it for business and a partner programme would create sustainable jobs in Swansea.

    It’s quite likely that getting a chunk of cash back and getting new settlements will bring 1,000 jobs to Welsh Borders and 4,000 jobs to a wider Wales.

    Sport and broadcasting from theatres using light weight DSLR cameras and Mixed Live and Pre-Recorded Stage Drama will sustain and create jobs. Because publicity is a job creator at Venues.

    English is the language of commerce and tourism and it is politically important across all of these areas because not everyone speaks Welsh. So saving and creating jobs will be helped.

    If Welsh Borders and Wales can’t cut a deal they will both lose out to somewhere else. The jobs and potential investment will be exported and never return.

    Right now the population of Welsh Borders has ballooned since my birth in 1961. And it may nearly have doubled in a period when UK manufacturing has declined from 8 million to 2 million.

    Now the issue isn’t about England, Wales, Conservative, Liberal, Labour, Nationalist or any party. The issue is about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

    The Blair argument on Education was and is valid but only if the philosophy of the machinery reimbursing the community is applied. Otherwise UK will end up having to kill its surplus graduates. Because I am LEGION, and after me travel a million more. And many won’t get anywhere near a graduate position, while employers will be encouraged to lie more and more about the types of jobs they offer.

    A sea change in how the UK Media is constructed and operated is required. But right now Welsh Borders has a window of opportunity regionally, and in my opinion it must try to grab the bull by the horns…

    Philip Allen

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