Cycle lanes to connect to city centre

Could there be a dedicated cycle lane in both directions from Stapleford to Nottingham city centre? There are already shared bus and cycle lanes along some of this route but many people do not feel that it is safe to cycle along this route with so many vehicles and roundabouts without a dedicated cycle path. This would be the most direct route to quickly get to the city centre as any other routes nearby take you considerably out of your way. This would be great to reduce traffic on the roads and is a healthier alternative to getting around Broxtowe, and to the city.

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3 comments on “Cycle lanes to connect to city centre

  1. The main roads to cycle along to the town centre are Ilkeston road and Derby road from Stapleford. They are only 30 mph and I can’t see how a cycle Lane is needed. Bramcote roundabout has a cycle lane on the roundabout for cyclists to continue along derby road where the bus lane is also a cycle Lane. Cyclists from Ilkeston road only have to turn left at Bramcote roundabout to access the same cycle Lane. Then the city centre can be cycled to via Woodside road and University Boulevard.

  2. Stapleford doesn’t need a cycle path, It needs proper investment. A cycle path would be a total waste of much needed funds. The roads are appalling due to lack of maintenance over the years. Derby road is an eye sore in places. The local community group do their best to smarten it up but they aren’t magician’s. When making these decisions, go out in the community and ask the people standing at the bus stop or waiting in a queue what they think. These are the locals these are the people that matter. Not everyone with an opinion is on the net.

  3. It is not just cycling lanes it is all modes and provision for disabled people who can’t cycle. A better coverage of bus service and frequency would be better, also we cannot get a bus to the tram.

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