Cycle paths

There’s no cycle path network around Corby to allow people to cycle to work. A few strategic cycle paths would cuts cars on the roads and improve people’s lives and reduce road accidents. People want to cycle around Corby but with the current infrastructure it’s simply too dangerous for many people to consider.

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8 comments on “Cycle paths

  1. I try to cycle into work (RS Components) regularly from Thrapston however the main road connection (A6116) is very busy with traffic generally and a high proportion of HGVs. Being a single carriageway traffic overtakes very close to cyclists and has caused a number of accidents in the past already. Improving the A6116 will lead to a corby being more connected and encourage the use of cycles, walking and running between these locations.

  2. Better cycle paths around town and connecting villages would be a great way to promote a greener town, help keep people fit, whilst enabling an easy cost effective solution for people travelling to and from work. May I also suggest that connecting Corby and Kettering in the same way would also be of great benefit. The train connecting the two towns is too expensive for a daily commute of such a short distance. Having a safe route to cycle between the two would further promote the green/health/cost benefits mentioned above.

    Also better general leisure facilities like squash courts etc.

    A roundabout where Abington Road joins Cottingham road. It is already very congested at times but will be far worse if access via Vian Way is restricted when the new Corby West Estate is built.

  3. Excellent idea! Corby has a lot of cyclists sharing roads with lorries. Paths would make travelling safer as well as encourage healthier and greener lifestyle.

  4. I agree! This is great idea! I am in Weldon and it is dangerous and almost imposible to go to town center by bike! If we want healtier and better environment we do not need just to think how to recycle rubbish and to drive electric cars. We need to make cycling more popular, it is healtier for people and for environment.

  5. I think this is a great idea. You can get Corby cycle maps at the library or the cube front desk. Shows the network around Corby. But the Gretton part shows the connectivity is ‘red’ near the power station part as it’s only really suitable for the most confident of riders. With most things it’s the tipping point of mass cyclists that helps the feeling safe to cycle element; more cyclists less cars. I remember experiencing this (as a cyclist) the week after the London congestion charge started in 2003.

    1. We need cycle paths from villages into the town centre, lower the emission and make Corby a cleaner safer environment, cycling is good for your health and fitnes,we have some beautiful areas in our surrounding villages and in our surrounding town, it will make it safe for families to cycle and a lovely day out

  6. In the 1960 the New Town Master Plan detailed patterns of movement in the town which clearly showed the need for traffic / pedestrian segregation.
    It also called for a system of cycle paths.
    The Authorities planned and began to building cycle paths in areas of high usage.
    However by 1968 the use of the bicycle as a preferred mode of transport had died, car ownership boomed, cycle paths had become redundant before the plan had hardly got off the ground.
    Today, planners are having to cope with a population which is besotted with the motor car as a means of getting to work / leisure and “status” and a transport system which is not fit for purpose.
    Whatever the solution may be, one thing is certain! It is going to cost more money than this nation can find, unless there Is some restraint in how people move from place to place.
    Surely, the day when everyone over the age of 18 is demanding their own personal motor car, has got to come to and end.
    We need a coordinated transport system where one size fits all and is affordable alongside Health, Welfare, Housing and Defence.
    I have a dream 🙄

  7. A brilliant idea. roads that were perfectly ok for cycling a few years ago are more dangerous now – eg the one from Gretton.

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