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Can a cycle route be implemented from Wells to Street as this will help cut down congestion on the roads. Would prefer to cycle to work but the roads are unsafe.

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  1. Good, well signed, upgraded and new cycling routes could have a chance as part of a funded project if it would answer the ‘connectivity’ criteria. As I understand it, the community will have to come up with a number of very well reasoned proposals which make a viable enterprise, with links and benefits across our town. Would anyone with the right entrepreneurial skills like to partner with the Sustainable Environment Company CIC to develop an electric bicycle hire & workshop business plan/proposal? This would just be one part of making cycling a fundable transport solution. Contact me via the town council.

  2. There already is a cycle route from Wells to Street. It is the National Cycle Network (NCN) 3 which runs to Glastonbury and if you turn off it at Snows Timber and continue along Beckery Road into Beckery Old Road and pass to the right of the Red Brick Building you come out on to a shared cycle path which crosses the A39 at a Toucan Crossing (pedestrian/cycle crossing) and continue into Street. There are plans to improve it but that is the way I cycle to Street.

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