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Esdtablished cycle routes connecting across North and South of Lake Lothing pass across the central Bascule Bridge. It should make sense for further routing to pass across both Mutford bridge [where there is an existing cycle lane, but no coherent routing] and the new harbour bridge (when it comes into existence), especially connecting between say the new housing/industrial development sites at Oulton Village (North), at Gisleham (South) and the new Carlton Marshes development (West).
There is little enough consideration given to East-West connectivity with much focus on the centre of Lowestoft town.

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4 comments on “Cycle Routes

  1. Do more to encourage folk to cycle to work and to do their shopping. Most of the large supermarkets have inadequate and insecure cycle parking and bike access to them can be difficult and unsafe. Also establish safe cycling and walking routes to school. Try to incentivise active travel and encourage people not to jump in their cars at every opportunity.

  2. I agree we need to join up existing cycle tracks with new ones around the town giving a safe environment for moving about on a cycle. This will encourage people to use cycles which will improve health and reduce carbon emissions.

  3. I agree with the other comments. We have cycle routes but they end abruptly and don’t link up. The Yarmouth Rd has bits of cycle routes that vanish so cycling North is dangerous. A proper route from the town centre to Hopton and Blundeston would make sense. The stupidity that before every roundabout you are supposed to ‘dismount’ needs rectifying. In addition we have many wide under-used pavements that could be dual purpose. Most cycle lanes in town are advisory ie a car or van can park in them. The worst is the High St where vans frequently park and the cyclist is forced round and into oncoming traffic-the road is one-way. It’s deplorable that Lowestoft got nothing from SCC’s government money for cycle routes-we are a town of cyclists. Finally, abandon the ill thought out cycle/pedestrian bridge near Constable Close and spend the money on proper routes both off and on road. Bridge Rd at Oulton Broads is a mess as well for cycling-the only safe place is the pavement.

  4. Well said Ben.
    Another route which is perfectly dooable is joining up the cycle lane dots and linking Pakefield (Arbor Lane) to Pakefield Road along the scenic cliff top and sea front. With some ‘out of the box’ thinking from Suffolk CC and a little modification to existing pedestrian infrastructure along a 1km section we could have a continuous 3km cycling route linking up to the traffic free sea-front from Pakefield and onto Lowestoft town centre, that is a winner for all. Currently this 1km section is narrow along parts of it’s route and even passing pedestrians have to step off the current footpath into the undergrowth, it is also a very popular route for cyclists, yes I know cyclists are supposed to dismount and walk this 1km section but lets move on and grasp the nettle and make it a harmonious link for both pedestrians and cyclists into Lowestoft and a win-win for all? This proposal would also allow for the necessary social distancing demanded by the government during and post this pandemic.
    I also make the observation on Suffolk County Councils website link provided here is almost exclusively related to cycling projects within Ipswich and surrounding areas making virtually no recommendations or schemes in the 2nd largest town in Suffolk namely Lowestoft, not even maintenance of the existing cycling infrastructure/cycle lanes which have all but disappeared into the tarmac over the past 10 years of austerity?

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