If Toton Strategic Location for Growth (TSLFG) is developed broadly as envisaged in, residents of Stapleford will need to travel to TSLFG to work, and residents of TSLFG will want to travel to (regenerated) Stapleford to shop.

If developments within both TSLFG and Stapleford comply with Broxtowe’s Policies 14 & 15 – as published at – cycling will be a significant mode of travel between TSLFG and Stapleford. Broxtowe’s Policy 14 specifies “ … improvements to … cycling facilities provided early in the build-out … sufficient to encourage sustainable modes of transport“.

So it’s desirable that some Towns Fund “connectivity” money be deployed making a start on cycleway links.

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7 comments on “Cycleways

  1. When i do not have my children and i dont have to travel anywhere with them
    I love to keep fit in loads of different ways and one of them includes going to the gym
    But there goes travel how ever i have no transport except my feet so if i am right here go ahead
    But are you talking about Community pushbikes then go ahead because you will see me every place on these

  2. In 2015, John Grimshaw Associates (JGA) produced a report about options for cycleways in the vicinity of the HS2 line.

    However — from Page 13 of — it doesn’t look as though JGA considered how to help people to cycle between Toton Strategic Location of Growth (TSLFG) and Stapleford town-centre.

    To avoid the motor-traffic on the B5010, how about a cycleway aligned as follows: Stanley Drive, Central Avenue, West Avenue, Copeland Avenue, Wesley Place, Pinfold Lane, Mill Road, Oakfield Road, corridor adjacent to river, Wellington Street, … , Bessell Lane, TSLFG? Such a cycleway would link residential areas of Stapleford with both:
    * employment opportunities in the TSLFG
    * Bramcote Hills schools and Bramcote Leisure Centre.

    1. This is a really good suggestion, as that part of town is not great for cycling at present. It would also feed into efforts to reduce car use on Derby/Nottingham Rd through Stapleford (which makes living on that road less attractive due to the steady traffic congestion/auto emissions), and generally open up access to areas south of Stapleford (as currently the main access points are by going up to Toton Lane or across into Sandiacre).

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