If Toton Strategic Location for Growth (TSLFG) is developed as envisaged in, residents of Long Eaton will travel to TSLFG to work, and residents of TSLFG will travel to Long Eaton to shop. Residents from redeveloped “land north of Lock Lane, Sawley” will travel to Long Eaton. People from redeveloped Radcliffe-on-Soar may wish to travel to Long Eaton.

If these developments comply with Erewash’s Policies 14 & 15 – as at – cycling will be a significant mode of travel. Erewash’s Policy 14 specifies “ … improvements to … cycling facilities provided early in the build-out … sufficient to encourage sustainable modes of transport“.

Some “connectivity” money should be deployed making a start on providing extra cycleway capacity to cater for the extra cycle-traffic generated by the developments.

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2 comments on “Cycleways

  1. I am all for developing cycleways. It is important that they are safe and well lit. Walkers and cyclists should have separate paths where space allows.

  2. In 2015, John Grimshaw Associates (JGA) produced a report about options for cycleways in the vicinity of the HS2 line. In particular, Page 9 of provides ideas for enhancing the cycleway network in (and around) Long Eaton.

    From the points-of-view of more recent land-use proposals:
    * The cross-Trent alignment shown in the JGA report would provide cycleway connectivity between Long Eaton and the Radcliffe redevelopment envisaged on pages 23-24 of the PDF file.
    * The JGA comment about there being generally space to widen the canal-path may be relevant to providing the capacity needed to cope with the additional cycle-traffic generated by new housing now to be built on “land north of Lock Lane, Sawley”.

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