Cycling and public transport

I’d like there to be more safe cycle lanes and car free zones. More joined up cycle paths would be great! Cycle routes through the trees to neighbouring towns. Better, affordable public transport and a park and ride – monorail perhaps? Lessening the traffic would be better for the planet and residents wellbeing.

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1 comment on “Cycling and public transport

  1. Grant Shaps has just announced a large amount of money to be spent on cycle lanes. Painting lines on the road is not good enough. Cars park on the lanes forcing cyclists to drive out into traffic, and lanes end for no apparent reason, forcing cyclists onto pavements or out into heavy traffic especially at roundabouts. Cycle lanes need to be wide enough for other cyclists to overtake, high curbs are needed to prevent cars parking in the lanes, and the cycle paths need to start and continue to a destination without interruption. If this can’t be done then cyclists will continue to use the pavements. You can hardly enforce no cycling on pavements if there are insufficient cycle lanes. Either do it properly or don’t do it at all. Half measures won’t work and will be a waste of money.

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