Darwen Tower renovation

Darwen’s 120-year-old Tower is in bad shape and urgently needs renovation. The Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Lancashire and everyone loves it. This appears to be the only bit where I can make a point and I appear to be the first to make a helpful suggestion. This is because no one believes it will ever happen. I am not daft ; I have wasted five minutes just to make this point.

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8 comments on “Darwen Tower renovation

  1. Darwen tower is a treasured historical local monument that people take great pride in. It draws visitors to Darwen. It deserves to be restored.

  2. I think we would benefit from more accessible car parks in the centre of town, and more up to date shops so that we don’t have to go out of town to get high street clothes, food, shoes etc. I love the space created in town but a farmers market (local firms) would be great. Also to tidy up the drive into Darwen to make it more welcoming.

  3. Definitely agree that money should be used on the Tower, it’s our landmark! Also think some ahould be spent removing the eyesore on the main road, where Belgrave used to be – it’s embarrassing driving through our town and seeing such a scruffy area.

  4. Agree with the renovation of the tower , both the tower and India Mill chimney are part of Darwens identity and both must be retained , the tower attracts visitors to Darwen , I also think it would also look fantastic if it was lit up at night as you can see it from miles away and would possibly attract even more visitors.

    1. I agree with the tower idea, since the top of the tower fell off and with the fires, it is due to be restored as People mainly come to darwen for the tower.

  5. Yes some money should be used for this as without the tower looking over the town i think the spirit and identity of the people would be greatly damaged which would effect other things also.

  6. Darwen Tower is an iconic monument which should be restored and maintained for the people of Darwen to be proud of and for local heritage. People from near and far come to enjoy the beauty of the area and visit Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Tower.

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