Designated Dog Park

A large, secure area, to allow people to let their dogs off-lead to train and run around. Entrance should be via an annual Council permit, to be displayed, and a lock. Plus a sanded area for toilet training, and bin facilities. The permits would allow for easy identification of people who don’t clear up after their dog etc.

Once the facility has been provided, all other areas should become mandatory ‘dogs on leads’ areas. currently, the Lyme Valley is nothing more than an unofficial dog park, with off-lead dogs being allowed to run amok, their owners often too busy on mobile phones or chatting to other dog owners to exert any control. Dog poop bags are left hanging on tree branches or thrown into tushes, and these dogs attacked other dogs, and approach and jump at people walking, sitting, and particularly cycling on the designated cycle paths. All of this seems to amuse their owners, who are seemingly unconcerned.

This would improve enjoyment of the Lyme Valley for everyone.

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