Development of Cadet Facilities

Cadet organisations develop a variety of key life skills. Young adults passing through such organisations have discovered and perused successful careers; often regarding cadet experiences as a factor in their success. Our cadet facilities aren’t in the most accessible and obvious of places. The buildings of the Air Cadets and Army Cadet Force are notably small and often the busy car park at the rear of Whitby Sixth Form poses a safety risk. Compromising the ability to safely and effectively deliver training. Our Air Cadet Unit has over 30 members and there is generally a struggle to store essential equipment for delivering training. Cadets support many community events, showcasing the invaluable opportunities which we can support through this investment scheme. Schools encourage participation in extracurricular activity; of which the cadet forces are large providers. An investment in expanding/creating a designated cadet training area would support the futures of Whitby’s Young Adults.

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16 comments on “Development of Cadet Facilities

  1. In general the Whitby area does not offer a great variety of activities for its young people to attend and take part in. The Whitby Air Cadets is a brilliant facility for young people to join, to expand their potential and for them to safely socialise with like minded people. To be able to extend the facilities to offer more space for growth this will not only directly benefit the Whitby Air Cadets but the generations of young cadets to come from the Whitby area.

  2. As a Cadet Parent I cannot stress enough how beneficial the Squadron is to the young people of Whitby. Through the dedication offered by the committed staff and volunteers these young people are encouraged to explore different career paths/ opportunities and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves.

    Whitby is an area of social deprivation and as such the experiences offered by Cadets are things that many Parents could not hope to give. Therefore the chance to expand the facilities to allow more young people to enhance their life skills, improve their confidence and resilience would be fantastic.

  3. I am part of Whitby Air Cadets and I find it an amazing experience which teaches very useful skills that can be used in later life. It would be great to see the facility’s we have expanded to make the Squadron able to accommodate more Cadets so they can have the fantastic experience I am having.

  4. Young people would really benefit from being a cadet so help them get a great start with improving their facilities and training possibilities.

  5. All youth organisations be they Cadet Force, Scouts, sports teams or any other group provide for a better and more engaged youth for the community, helping our young people engage in meaningful out of school activities where they can integrate, make new friends and learn new skills, this is more important now than it has ever been due to the reduction in schools curriculum.
    This development is an investment in the future of the young people of Whitby and should be fully supported by the local community.
    Good luck Whitby Air Cadets

    Retired youth leader; Nottinghamshire.

  6. With my previous life as a cadet of the squadron and my current position as a staff member, I have a first hand experience of how the current facility effects our ability to provide training to the cadets.

    With a larger facility we will be able to accommodate a larger number of cadets and provide more variety in the training we can give, throughout the year, giving the cadets a better chance to improve their education for their adult life.

  7. I am involved in the Whitby Air Cadets and I think this is a really good idea and it would really benefit my friends in cadets as well as me in getting experience for life as an adult.

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