Development of sports facilities

With junior’s and adults football and rugby being a major part of millom’s renowned sports achievements. It would be great to see a development with a 4g pitch being installed on the rugby playing fields. Both clubs have juniors and adults who use the facilities and a development of a 4g pitch will give them the training they need to keep both clubs developing and operational under all weather conditions.

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2 comments on “Development of sports facilities

  1. A 4G pitch should be a priority, it would be in great demand from a large number of the community who could utilise it

  2. This is exactly what our town needs. It’ll hopefully also help if running other programmes for children from the facility to help keep all children in the town active as too man are just hovering the street with nothing to do. It would serve a huge purpose in the town with developing what is already full of talented athletes to hopefully further their capability and offer opportunities for others to aspire at reaching their full potential, something that is currently impossible with the lack of somewhere to go to practice with a aim to improve

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