Dilute town centre

The town is currently struggling to cope with the extra numbers of visitors.
By just investing in the harbour area we will not overcome the crowding and potential for accidents to occur. Making the centre car free will not stop large numbers of people in one area, we need to diversify and spread the load around the edges to relieve some of the problems.
The west cliff area is greatly underdeveloped, and needs to have more to attract people from the harbour area. For example in the height of summer could the leisure centre main hall be used on an evening as a cinema? Whilst the pavilion runs a theatre or vintage fair stalls (example)
Could west cliff school host farmers markets in the play ground?
Better access to the abbey area other than the 199 steps could alleviate congestion in church street.
We need better management of cars and people, because when whitby is too busy it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone resident or tourist.

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