Direct Boston-London train service

Of the three main population centres in the Lincolnshire county council area, Lincoln and Grantham both have direct London train services. Surely a town of Boston’s size (and one that has dramatically grown over the past few years) could support this. It would surely have huge spin-offs for the whole of the town as well. It would also give people who want to work in the capital, but remain living in Lincolnshire the chance to do just that. Many young people feel the need to leave Boston to further potential careers – surely this would help with opportunities. Also, great potential for tourism spin-offs and making Boston a dedicated tourism destination (and presumably a direct line to the capital would open up the same opportunity for Skegness).

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  1. I agree with all of the points made. There is definitely a need for a direct, inexpensive railway service to London with more up to date stock on all rail services. The road infrastructure, also, needs improvement and a bus service that enables speedier travel to other parts of the county. We can make all the suggestions we like, but at the bottom line we need more employment, and help people from the outlying districts to reach their employment. It would also cater for those who want or need to commute to the cities easily.and in time for them to reach their jobs..Without a invigorated transport policy we will not attract firms to the Boston area. I will be really amazed if f this promised money can be spent in this way!

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