Disability services

After adults with learning disabilities, from the Furness area, leave college (21-23 years old) there are few options for them other than residential care. And as others with family members in this situation would agree, I don’t have enough trust in services to allow my family members to go into residential care. There are a few options, but funding is scarce and places are few and far between. I suggest improving current disability services to allow more adults to attend day services or open a new day services centre to allow more adults with disabilities to access full-time care. The whole of Furness has suffered from lack of services, it’s about time money was spent on our area.

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3 comments on “Disability services

  1. Totally agree with this. As someone who has a newly disabled father, it would be helpful to have better access to disability facilities to help us get to terms with everything going on also. I’d also add about mental health facilities tied into disability because I’m learning first hand how disability can affect mental health and support would be amazing. Disabilities can be from birth, developed or through an accident or incident and those around them also need to learn more skills to help support the disabled person and themselves.

    1. I echo the sentiments of the comments above, for me the transition from child to adult services is very poor in this town and needs looking at. Respite care is another problem with parents who have to manage challenging behaviour and are in need of options to cope with these problems that occur 24 hours a day.

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