Disabled bathrooms

Would be nice to see a changing stations bathroom introduced in Great Yarmouth. Maybe a face lift of the public toilets behind the market and introduce a new changing stations bathroom, like the one on Gorleston Pier. This would bring more people with disabilities and the old who are incontinent into the town for the day and enable them to have their toileting care needs met. Not everyone who needs to use a disabled toilet can use a toilet eg doubley incontintent children and adults. There is a lovely changing stations bathroom in the The pub at the bus station. But not everyone wants to take their disabled children or elderly through a busy pub in order to have a pad change. For some people with disabilities this environment is too busy to get through with or without a wheelchair to manoeuvre through busy tables and customers. There was one in the Marina centre but this has since been demolished. One more central for people with mobility issues would make perfect sense.

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