Background: I joined the RAF in 1970 from lowestoft, My mother (91) still lives in the Town. I left the RAF in 1993 with the intention of my wife and I retiring to lowestoft. We did not visit lowestoft for about five years before 1993 as we were overseas. We always enjoyed visiting lowestoft due to the diversity of the shopping available in the high street. However we could not believe how run down the town had become, especially the high street. I now live in Norwich. There needs to be something to draw people into the high street, from the beach area. There needs to be a range of independant shops, not cheap shops selling tat. There needs to be a range of coffee shops selling GOOD quality coffee and GOOD food, I would suggest outside seating would be a good idea. Make the high street somewhere to go other than somewhere to avoid. I am sorry to say, that lowestoft at the moment is stuck in the 1980;s Younger people have nothing to draw them to the town, give them something!

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