Do it all again…

First of all this town is a mixture of everything. Old falling apart buildings mixed with the modern flats apartments, old churches that should be restored on the same street with warehouse looking, crappy shops. The streets are a mess, one hole on top of another, cars trying to get through that maze along praying they won’t hit the other cars parked on one half of the street. It’s ridiculous that we’re building more living properties on the west street when the existing ones don’t have any sort of parking or drives! We have one or two parks that are actually good enough to go for a walk, the rest looks abandoned and plain. There is nearly no communal bins on the streets so people just drop rubbish and fags as they go. The town centre is a dead place unless you go there on Friday night when you can see drunk scruffy people fighting each other outside the pubs. We don’t have any proper shop centres or entertainment which makes it super boring. Just repair it all step by step.

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