Do not let the council control this

Do not allow the Council to control or make final decisions in spending this money. Council’s across the UK have failed their towns and cities for many years, making poor short term choices and not listening to those who elect them.

Council’s are just as much to blame as national government for these towns and cities being left behind.

Asking the same organisations to manage money after decades of failure is just lining up for more of the same – lost opportunities and wasted investment.

Create a people’s assembly in the city, who must meet with and listen to business leaders, community leaders, entrepreneurs, residents, families, communities, tourists and service providers (police, health, education, transport etc).

Once this people’s assembly have heard the views of this diverse and varied group of people, and heard all the ways the investment could benefit the city, trust the assembly to make a sensible and informed decision.

Council’s need to step back, and give people a chance

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