Dock area by the bascule bridge

The metal railings both sides of the bascule bridge look oppressive. If you go to Ipswich or county town they have a pleasant Dock side with cafés and pubs and outdoors seating area. Lowestoft with its water front could benefit from a more pleasant approach so near to the town centre.

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2 comments on “Dock area by the bascule bridge

  1. I definately agree the fencing around the dockside and harbour is awful and its the first thing people see when they arrive here. A lot of Lowestoft is run down, more buildings could be cleaned, move the swan statue to oulton broad its not relevant to Lowestoft and maybe invite Lowestoft artists to design something more relevant or have a water feature.. Encourage whoever owns the buildings above the weatherspoons and the other shops along there to fix his windows. Make Lowestoft plastic friendly and encourage more recycling with relevant bins in town and especially the beach area as never wnough bins. Have better seating areas with proper backed seats for people to sit (i liked the old brick seating areas that had flowers) have more public toilets in town and along the prom there are not enough. Bring back the mini buses they were the best transport rather than theses huge buses. Improve parking areas and have short stay half an hour free or after 4pm free, this will encourage more to the town.. have more places open after 3pm.. a lot of cafes shut early and lowestoft becomes a ghost town. Improve our library it drastically needs an overhall and hasnt eeally changed much in 40 years. Update it digitally and intergrate the cafe area more with the whole place (like yarmouth) as its currently a walk through.. whoever designs the changes must live here.. stop bringing people from outside of Lowestoft to make changes.. use local artists and designers and builders. Pur parks aee wonderful, encourage the gardeners from those areas to help with the improvemnt of the town and harbour areas as they all work very hard and deserve more recognition.. Ask children what they want.. they are the future of this town and we really need to encoporate more interesting jobs for their futures or they will leave our town and it will just not be the same without young people.

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