Doing things properly rather than making a quick buck.

In 10 years time nearly all cars will be electric and self driving so more parking and electric charging points. It’s very unrealistic to use park and ride to go to the beach. After taking food, chairs, umbrella, surf board, buggy, bucket and spade and 2 plus kids going on the bus is not going to work. Make parking cheaper in the town. Why would you want to shop locally when parking is so much. If we can’t get local business into the current empty builds why build more. Spend money on looking after what we have the beach is covered in stones and leftover charcoal. The town needs a constant police presence. Stop putting all the drug addicts in Boscombe. Why can’t Bournemouth Council lead from the front in the last 10 years why have they not made all new building carbon neutral. Why are the buses not all electric? If property is built, build it properly good size rooms, storage, car parking for a electric car if u don’t have an electric car you don’t get a space could be an idea.

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