Don’t waste money on the Bandstand !

Whilst there are many great suggestions on here how Todmorden could be improved such as the lack policing or making Water st pedestrian only. Wasting money on the Old run down band Stand that nobody gave a damn about until the announcement is a silly idea. No events are held there any more and nobody was bothered and were happy to see it rotting until the announcement came out that it was to be demolished. It would be amazing if Todmorden park could once again become a site for a mini festival using the band stand but it won’t because it’s just do Gooders that won’t embrace change and want something to campaign/whinge about. There are many ways to improve Todmorden but saving the band stand is not on that list.

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1 comment on “Don’t waste money on the Bandstand !

  1. The reason no events are held there is that it has been closed due to neglect by the council for about 10 years. Also, it isn’t true that no-one cared about it before now. There have been many discussions about what can be done in the past, and some serious, though unsuccessful, efforts to do something. No doubt if it were restored it would be used for festivals, ac it was in the past.

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