Drive Footfall

Review traffic flow through the town centre by changing current routes which have not been altered since Portland Walk was built. Allow traffic to circulate throughout the town centre. Allow bus routes back into the main shopping district of Buccleuch St and Cavendish St areas. Improve and increase the amount of on street, free, car parking.

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6 comments on “Drive Footfall

  1. A covered shopping area with clean tiled floor like other towns have .
    People would spend more time and money in the town centre.
    Stopping for coffee and browsing would encourage more people to come into town but as we are losing more and more shops in the town centre it may be too late !!!!!

  2. Ensure that pot holes all around the town are fixed efficiently and do not re-open. They are temporary fixed at the moment and a couple of weeks later are there again. Roads with pot holes should be re-surfaced to ensure they last. Also, new, different shops, restaurants, café etc should be opened in the town centre to rebrand the town. The town centre looks empty, dead and an utter mess due to the amount of stores that have closed and then been made a target of vandalism.

  3. Help re-energise the town centre and change emphasis from “shopping” (charity shops; hairdressers and pound shops mainly) to a mix of “leisure/entertainment and artisan shops”. Use Ulverston as a model for what is achievable.
    This could mean relaxing business rates or offering subsidies in order to attract more cafes, quality restaurants, themed and family bars plus individual retailers.
    Other assistance could include provision of free parking in the town centre and improvements to public transport to help attract people into town.
    The current town centre is an eye-sore more befitting an inner city area than a fairly prosperous town and this needs redressing.

  4. The route should be changed to allow traffic through the town centre which would improve the footfall for shops and cafe’s etc., which would probably entice more shoppers into the town, also a cover over Portland Walk of some description to allow shoppers to stay dry, also improve the car parking on streets and car parks with a vastly reduced price to pay, business rates could also be greatly reduced to try and generate new business to the area.

  5. Remove the one way sections of the town centre that do not protect pedestrians but limit footfall due to the difficulties of getting near to where you want to be. I would impose a 20mph limit to safeguard pedestrians.
    On street parking should be increased by the removal of permit holder only spaces that are often sat empty, multiple areas of double yellow lines that are perfectly safe for blue badge holders should be removed as these are in effect to force people into the paid spaces that are limited, behind the times in terms of technology without card payment etc. The multi-storey car park is a huge waste due to the poor state it is in, poor access getting to the car park on a small one way system with multiple sets off traffic lights and so on however once in the car park is where the difficulty starts. Pushchair users and anyone unable to use stairs have one option of being forced through Debenhams on a very slow lift to then be met with stairs on one side of the shop or to be forced right through the busiest section and into Portland walk, possibly along way from where you want to be.

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