Duddon estuary bridge to barrow

Build a bridge to barrow it makes economic sense, sellafueod means the train route through millom from South Cumbria is one of the busiest in the uk, the roads are very poor especially around Kirkby (dove farm which still hasn’t been sorted) a bridge would solve the problem for millom workers from out of town as well as seallfield and bring mass tourism to millom which will boost economy and encourage business to join millom and improve the town center! Win win!

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2 comments on “Duddon estuary bridge to barrow

  1. A bridge to Barrow would not only provide a much needed improved road link, but also encourage easier access to the town. It would not be a dead end anymore, encourage easier access for improved tourism and industry all of which would increase employment in the area. Provide a West Coast tourist route and the bridge could also incorporate a tidal power station to bring cheaper electricity to the town.

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