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I feel that the range of part time/night school courses is very narrow currently and is also mostly vocational.
I’d love to see the range of courses increased to include more academic options as well as a wider range of courses relating to hobbies and languages.

I would also like to see the development of a central music school which offers instrumental lessons as well as running a set of bands/orchestras, catering for all levels and ages of musician from those starting out through to experienced musicians.

From my experience of working in schools in the area, my first impression is that we are trying to raise students’ aspirations so they see that there is more to the world than Grimsby. Whilst I fully support this message, it upsets me that the underlying message is about leaving NE Lincs. I’d like children to see more fantastic local career options. Better transport lincs to Hull, Scunthorpe, Lincoln etc would go a long way to widening the range of what is considered ‘local’.

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