Emphasise The Quay to Saturday Market Place

The Quay and Saturday Market Place are some of King’s Lynn’s best historical attributes and this needs flaunting. It would be fantastic if this area became the central point of King’s Lynn. Here are my suggestion points:

– How about making the NCP car park less of an eye-sore?
– Perhaps we need to think about encouraging more small businesses to the area?
– How about a more ‘cafe-culture’ scene (just as the Rathskeller and Marriott’s Warehouse offer) for Pizza Express, Waffleopolis, the Smiths Bakery etc?
– a weekly farmer’s market as opposed to monthly?
– many more community events (perhaps free guided walks covering the historical features of the area? Signposted trails for allowing visitors to follow a walking route around the town? Monthly photo competitions where entrants have specific local criteria to fill with local business prizes on offer? Charity events? Lord Mayor’s parade? An annual regatta? Local business week? Community BBQs? Evening events at the waterside?)

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1 comment on “Emphasise The Quay to Saturday Market Place

  1. This comment strikes right where the emphasis needs to be, as this whole area is both a unique and invaluable heritage to the whole country and needs both encouragement and support. And, believe it or not as the King’s Lynn natives eye may have become jaundiced by a daily exposure to its delights, immeasurably beautiful. And the notion of creating outdoors eating areas for Pizza Express, Smith’s Bakery etc is bang on the money. In London they are allowing a system called a ‘streetery, where the road width is reduced so as to allow for both street eating and pedestrian movement along the pavement and the road edge. It would resonate on how this whole area once was – marked by only human voices and milling commercial activity. Just go to the precinct around Lincoln cathedral and you will see for yourselves what can be achieved with a historic context, with just a little local authority assistance and motivated commercial drive!

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