Empower Communites

All too often economic growth has relied on the private sector to provide investment. This state scheme will hopefully put the ownership of decision making back into the hands of the communities and small independent business that notoriously have felt left out of bureaucratic and private industry conversations that happen behind closed doors.

For me personally, economic growth in this neoliberal climate we live in primarily focuses on the instant or short term gains that benefit those that have invested. Inevitably those with wealth are those that succeed.
This scheme will hopefully benefit the communities and small business that it seeks to engage with.

For Ipswich, the scheme should focus on the legitimate long term sustainability policies and infrastructure.

The intergeneration are those that should benefit. Not us today, but for those who can look back and respect and profit from our decisions.

Education for young people, outside of the standard curriculum, should be the

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  1. Split the money evenly between:
    1- improved mental health treatment. This means core mental heath through the currently commissioned mental health service, without strings attached. Not the usual trick of extra services to help around the edges, which end up wasting money because it is not helping the currently terrible core services.

    2 – Improved provision of primary care/ GP services. Again the funding needs to be funnelled to core provision, which means given directly to practices without strings attached. This means it can be used more efficiently and help in the areas that the doctors, rather than politicians, think are useful.

    The obvious argument is that these services are funded separately and not part of the council’s reponsibility – but it is ultimately what the people in this area want.

  2. Please invest in small business (eg. hairdressers, barbers, salons & other public services) that are increasingly loosing business & extremely worried about how they will survive if things carry on or they are un able to open & afford bills or mortgages

  3. Please invest in sports facilities, focus should be given to non-league football due to numerous clubs not having the facilities to run a sufficient club.

    1. Please invest in public transport, such as busses and commuter train stations as the traffic to my office is getting worse by the year…

      Affordable housing also needed

  4. Invest in proper mental health services, such as individual therapies, and the perinatal mental health service

  5. *Northern bypass – helps to reduce congestion, improve health and wellbeing by reducing noxes, reduces stress due to reduce noise
    – Reduces time to and from work

    *Bicycle lanes – improves health, helps environment, helps with traffic congestion

  6. I would like Ipswich to champion carbon neutrality. From a start point of a complete analysis of current carbon output including electricity, heating, transport, farming, consumption of goods and local industry: an action plan should be drawn up to start making a difference. This would be good for local businesses, Ipswich residents and future generations. It is what the government is pushing for so why not start a bottom up movement rather than be reactive to top down pressures.

  7. There had been parking for all shops along the beginning of foxhall road, but when the bus stop was moved from outside pizza hut to outside the co-op + the co-op’s incessant giant articulate lorrys delivering all day, parking was removed. Affecting all the smaller independent shops massively along that stretch. From Four Paws all the way along to the Pharmacy the co-op & bus stop moving situation has dominated.

  8. We have to make decisions about our area independent of some policy wonk who doesn’t live here. Part of this is to empower the individual. This can be attained through providing platforms for people to get together and act. Yes, volunteering. Yes, altruistic behaviour.

  9. Create a proper space for the market, free and plentiful parking in town centre, tidy up use the empty buildings and wasteland in between the town centre and waterfront. Thank-you.

  10. More 1-2bed houses.
    Convert unused building in town centre – either into housing, apartments or places for people to meet and relax
    More seating in town centre
    Homeless housing
    More trees – to make the area look nicer
    Clean the river
    More Doctor surgery’s including ones that are open on weekends
    Relay ALL roads – patching the potholes clearly doesn’t work anymore

  11. With the imminent growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market, more charging points need to be set up. On street charging points need to be set up, particularly in areas where off road parking isn’t available (eg terraced house and apartment buildings. Planning permission for all new builds and renovations should include EV charging facilities!
    Finally EV charging bays should be reserved for EV’s to charge and non EV’s and EV’s that aren’t charging should be penalised!
    This will require trained EV policing. Training should also be given for new charging installations and included as part of planning permission!

  12. Invite in new starter homes, please, this would 2 up 2 down.
    As the Local Government Association has shown that, if councils had built 100,000 new starter homes a year for the last 20 years that’s back in 2000, (the current figure is around 6,000 a year), it would have allowed every person on housing benefit in the private sector to move to a starter home or a 50/50 council house?

    This would of have saved this government around £7billion? In housing benefit payments, which instead has gone in payments to subsidise private landlords?

    We have all missed a trick…

  13. Invest in to the town centre more. So many small business are going out of business. And let’s be honest a lot of young people can’t go in to work because we got nowhere to work.

    I lost a job and an apprenticeship thanks to the fact that the town centre is dying, as much as I love the waterfront. The actual town centre needs to be looked in to, we still got the empty BHS building that could be made in to so much.

    And make we need more 1 to 2 bedroom flats that should be available for young adults to go and live in, my house is becoming too small and my mom is pushing me to move out already, but thanks to the government scheme I’ve been to waiting for over a year. Overall it is difficult.

  14. More 2 bedroom budget houses that are cheap to buy for young first time Byers or government schemes that are not a total rip off and a waste of money young people really struggle with this

    1. Our children desperately need better play areas in the parks. Play equipment that is varied and challenging, not just the same old dull plastic type that seems to dominate most playgrounds in the Ipswich area now.

      Invest in high quality wooden adventure play equipment that blends in with the natural surroundings and is better for the environment. There are many UK specialist companies that produce excellent wooden play equipment at reasonable cost.

      Having holidayed around numerous parts of the U.K. I can honestly say that the playgrounds in the Ipswich area are woefully inadequate compared to most other areas. Look to Colchester castle park as an excellent example.

      Please invest in decent play equipment for the benefit of both local children as well as tourists from other areas.

  15. I think the money should be spent on getting rid of those derelict buildings that are left on the waterfront. It’s the best place In the town so take it even further and make it better. And I don’t mean by adding more flats.

  16. Would be nice to have the river path from train station to the waterfront upgraded with relaxing green space, maybe even with exercise equipment and art installations

  17. * free car parking at especially at weekends to compete with out of town retail parks
    * cheaper rents
    * event planning which uses the town as the venue especially Cornhill ie: park runs, outdoor entertainment, local talent stage, festival processions, local farmer markets on the Cornhill, Kids choirs, charity fundraising events, more trails like the pigs and elephants
    * community painting of scruffy shop fronts
    * planting up to make green areas, or hanging baskets
    * better policing
    * can vacant buildings be rented/bought by university/college to make the town multi-use and vibrant
    * exercise equipment in parks
    * a tram to waterfront
    * security cameras

  18. Invest in your young people from the more deprived areas, at the younger ages. Get them active and off the streets to reduce anti social behaviour. Possibly develop a fund where community based orgs and Charities can offer initiatives and do the work for you. Gang, knife and other youth related crimes need to be addressed but from the root cause. Catch the kids whilst they are young enough to take a healthy path.

  19. 1. We need to keep the high street alive – one way I believe we could do this is by keeping shops open until 8pm. This would allow those who work during the day (most people work 9am-5pm) to go into town to shop, rather than relying on online shopping. This in turn will encourage people to eat/drink out in the evenings, and make the place safer to walk around at night.

    2. The units around the Town Hall square should predominantly be restaurants and bars. The Town hall square should be transformed into outside dining areas, with patio heaters, purpose-built gazebos and mood lighting (the restaurants and bars can also provide blankets). Yes we have bad weather in the UK, but this shouldn’t limit us to getting outside – which most of us love to do! You often see this type of setup in famous European market squares, such as Krakow and Bruges. Not only will this transform the somewhat dull square, it will also make the town centre feel safer as there will be more people out and about in the evenings.

    3. Tenants of retail space, in the town centre especially, should not be allowed to vacate a premises and leave the place looking a mess! A solution to this could be to offer the window spaces to local schools, charities and arts organisations (such as the New Wolsey Theatre, Pacitti Company and DanceEast) for advertising / creative space. They should be allowed to cover the windows with large vinyls advertising their services, or with decorative artwork. The designs would need sign off by the council before proceeding to avoid making the place look worse than before (but this is unlikely to happen).

    4. The retail spaces at the waterfront courtyard behind DanceEast need to be opened. There were rumours that Giraffe and Yo Sushi were moving in here. This food/retail courtyard would create a better flow when travelling from town to the waterfront and back again.

    5. Norwich Road area needs to be transformed. I believe it has the potential to become a new version of ‘The Saints’ (like St Peter’s & St Nicholas Street in the town centre). It could become a desirable destination – full of independent shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, arts, culture and community! It is currently scruffy, unsafe and full of people hanging around!

  20. Personally I think we need to be looking at making the town carbon neutral, including improving public transport links – and making public transport cheaper than parking a car. Currently it is cheaper to drive in, which is just wrong. Add greenery and nature where currently there’s just swathes of concrete.

    On a more practical level – we shouldn’t be doing this via commenting on a website. Set up a proper citizens assembly, representative of the population of Ipswich, give them the relevant information and training, then let this group make the decisions on how to spend this funding. That way, it’s not just individuals with their independent biases making suggestions, but informed citizens making informed decisions.

  21. Some kind of program or org. to get kids off the street instead of hanging around, doing nothing and up to no good and vandalising places and people.
    Second is to get all the streets paved again and leave the street lights on all through the night which would help lower crime.
    Thirdly, the city centre needs to be more welcoming, its so gray and depressing. Just adding hanging basket of flowers on the High St would help loads.
    Fourthly, the infrastructure needs an overhaul. Norwich Rd to Bury Rd to A14 needs widening. Not enough space to handle all thee traffic and with 60 new homes almost done being built its going to get worse.
    Lastly, hire more policeman and GPS.

  22. Fitness/Rehab hub for physical disabilities to enable positive mental health, physic health, reduce isolation & support integration within the community.

  23. More Disabled Parking Bays available throughout the town centre & surrounding areas & clearly mapped via an app/Google maps to encourage the disabled community access to town and Riverside community more easily.

  24. Make smaller roads resident only parking so people who don’t like there don’t take up all the spaces so they can go to the town centre and leave there cars there over night while they go on the razz. Too many times I’ve had to park on other roads where my car gets damaged due to this town being a crime breading ground. We all know that they won’t do anything about the crime sooooooo

  25. Issues in Ipswich:
    Town centre has become an undesirable place to be. All people I know now avoid the town centre and only go out of necessity. Something needs to be done to transform it from a place that threatening people hang around into somewhere families and those working in local businesses want to visit. The workers from the offices clear out of the town as soon as they finish work. I don’t even feel safe walking through town at 5.30pm as there’s few people around. People need to feel safe.

    Cycling around and in to the town is impossible. There are barely any car free routes and some routes send you down bus-only streets, meeting the buses head on. Radical steps are needed to get locals cycling to work, school and leisure pursuits. A densely populated town like Ipswich ought to be easy to cycle around.

    Invest in young people. Develop opportunities for the so-called tech triangle.

    There’s loads of great things that happen in Ipswich but it can be hard to find out what’s going on with too many different websites advertising. Perhaps a free community newspaper which includes ALL things going on, delivered to all houses.

    A venue for live music is desperately needed. What happened to the Arts Centre that was opening. Does it need funding?

  26. Reduce the rent in town. Not just for a start up, but ongoing! Many start on reduced rent deals then get ruined when the grace period finishes. Landlords are doing better from empty building tax write-offs.
    Affordable parking needs to happen too along with the bypass to encourage visitors from other places.

  27. * Would love to see cycle paths that are safe to use with kids all around town that are designed with the cyclist in mind… Do I really want to go up the Woodbridge Rd on the bike? No would rather use road that passes by Regent…
    * Town centre needs improvement we are nowhere near what Norwich or Bury in relation to retail choices, not to mention European towns or Edinburgh in Scotland that has got fantastic shopping centres with spaces for relaxation to read, charge up you phone all in an building with trees, soft music on those terraces
    * homeless + begging should be sorted and not allowed at all, as this antisocial behaviour keeps people away, urinated on smelly side street near Wilkinson should be then sorted as well as under ground passage near Spoons

  28. I agree with reinvigorating the high street by decreasing business rents to encourage unique businesses into empty shops. I also agree with turning the corn exchange into a centre for culture, it is a beautiful building and should be developed to use by the entire community more regularly. I would also like to see bike paths around the centre of town and maybe even bike hire stations (like in London) supporting tourists to see a bit more of the town (e.g. around the water front). There is so much potential for Ipswich!

    1. In addition, better connection between the town centre and the waterfront would support more tourism. For an example Perth in Australia did this recently and did it well.

  29. Invest in Town centre cut business rates to get investment in the town.
    Fine landlords who prefer to have empty shops than reduce rents … If these measures were implicated there would be alot of retail jobs created and bring life back to a dying town centre.

  30. Ipswich has so much to offer but I’d totally agree that the shops need affordable rents to keep the high street alive , so sad to see Paperchase go ! More trees and greenery in the centre would be good
    I personally love the corn exchange it’s a beautiful building & is the jewel in the crown 👑

  31. The council needs to balance the need to make revenue with the high business rates. When shops like Paperchase close due to high business rates what hope do small independent stores have. The town needs to encourage small business and artisan shops to make it a unique destination.

    More trees and sustainable transport would also help make the town a better more sustainable place.

  32. Do something similar to what Bristol has done with putting a charge for vehicles coming into the town centre area. More bus lanes to gain further bus passengers, with an increase of services which will be cost-effective in the future. Park and Ride are not being utilised to its full potiential.

    Another point is to develop a potential idea to assist those that English is their second language, to assist them with employments, bills etc. The population is not going to get any smaller therefore we need to benefit all.

    Road surfacing and works to be minimised, to be done all at the same time, either over night or with time restrictions to ensure peak times are not effected for workers and schools.

    The list is endless but there is a limit on what we spend the money could on. Hopefully it does not go on something like Corn Exchange again.

  33. Transform Corn Exchange to a concert and event venue for Ipswich to be proud of and to bring vitality into the town centre.

    1. All the traffic lights are out of sequence in Ipswich so traffic builds up like crown street / st Margaret Street and bond Street/St Helens Street put local people in charge like taxi and buses drivers .

      Ipswich central needs new management.

      More Independent Street traders.

      Free parking at weekends or £1 bus fares

      Open bury road P&R…….

      Encourage the youth for their ideas for there town

  34. Encouraging buisnesses to start from the home.
    The cost of business location to make or sell goods is sky high.
    If local council can hand hold and educate new business holders to get started; as well as allow for easier starting of home buisness from not just owned homes but rented accommodations too.
    If buisnesses can start small and grow and the owners of them buisnesses can grow along side them then they can move to the town centre empty plots as they expand.
    Also points cards for local Ipswich only buisnesses to use together could really help encourage people to go to local stores they may not of been to before.

  35. Create an environment to invite and encourage innovation.
    A research and development arm of the college, provide a space for people to create tech, innovate growing techniques work on ways of doing something special which could benefit humankind starting with the people of Ipswich.

  36. Tackle the growing and unpleasant triggers leading to the street sleepers, begging on our streets, around Cardinal Park, the Buttermarket and the Cornhill as well as multiple shop doorways.
    The drugs and dependency rehabilitation needs to be reviewed and improved.

  37. In line with the Tourist Information and local government create great walking loops and ‘treasure hunts’ Maps of local points of interest which people can explore and collect stamps or attend events etc.
    This is on the back of the successful Pig and Elephant walks.

  38. Install the ‘Free Gym’ resistance equipment in our parks and open spaces. There is a wide range of resistance and exercise equipment.
    Providing access to free and varied equipment should begin to promote long term health gains for our communities especially for those who cannot afford gym contracts.

  39. Open a new restaurant inviting a ‘Celebrity Chef’ to run using only Suffolk Ingredients.
    Subsidise a docu series, where the chef visits the town, explores some of the history in and around including our local rural communities while finding the extraordinary local produce.
    The restaurant will create excitement and draw people in to the town centre, the docu series exploring the local history and importance of Suffolk from trade, through to tech from Anglo Saxons to Wooly Mammoths.

  40. Reduce business rates, or subsidise rental costs. We need to attract some high street giants in to Ipswich to go along side our already high quality local business people. I am sick of hearing people say I am going to Colchester/Bury/Norwich for their shopping experience.
    Also while I like a bar/restaurant there are so many chains in Ipswich lets support our local community retailers, encourage local restaurants using local produce from our broad and varied rural communities.

  41. Get the local schools to submit artistic graphics etc. for the town centre bins and recycling facilities.
    Eye catching.
    Community driven.
    Where there is less money for murels and space for street art etc. In addition we shod be Commissioning local artists and school children to create striking art, cover bike racks, railings, benches more vibrwand eye catching.

  42. Encouraging physical activity. Additional cycle parks and secure storage for cycles. Encourage people to be active, provide safe and secure storage for bycycles in and around town.

  43. Subsidise bus services in to the town centre. Reducing the number of private cars on the road, while supporting a safe, clean, reliable and affordable public transport system.

  44. Ipswich needs help with its high street making it viable for shops to remain. It needs more/better policing so that everyone feels safe. Orwell bridge closures remain a problem when closed because of lorries thundering along felixstowe road all night long.

  45. Ipswich should be ensuring the safety and comfort of the generations to come by acting appropriately to the climate crisis. Divestment from fossil fuels, working toward carbon neutrality with more urgency, investing in public transport, subsidising green farming initiatives and insulating homes.

  46. Mental health services
    More funding for youth programmes
    End rough sleeping and homelessness in Ipswich

  47. I agree with previous comment. Simply and to the point in Ipswich there is an urgent need to support schools and future of young people and in these sense our future that they will create. In Ipswich we need more PRU units with specialists support for children that main stream education is far to challenging. We need PRU units to be created within high schools. The second area that is underfunded is children’s mental health service. Waiting time to see specialist or to have an assessment is unacceptably long.

  48. I agree with previous comment. Simply and to the point in Ipswich there is a urgent need to support schools and future of young people and in these sense our future that they will create. In Ipswich we need more PRU units with specialists support for children that main stream education is far to challenging. We need PRU units to be created within high schools. The second area that is underfunded is children’s mental health service. Waiting time to see specialist or to have an assessment is unacceptably long.

    1. Well said, we need to care for our young people now and provide strong networks to support future relationships.
      Our young are our most precious resource.
      Green spaces, cycle paths, therapeutic initiatives… We will now realise the importance of community with the advent of corona virus.
      Ipswich is a town with a heart.

  49. Ipswich has a town centre that could quite easily hold a table top sale every weekend if not everyday. Also vacant stores that could also be used for the same. Allow people to come together and buy, and sell together. Ipswich could use one of these stores as an art gallary, and even for artists to paint pictures for people whilst they shop. They could also stock thier art work for sale to show potential customers their style of art.

  50. Roads & Infrastructure.. I am a resident of Malkin Close for the last 5 years. Traffic around Anglia Retail Park and Bury Road leading onto Norwich Road has got significantly worse over the years. With the new 60 homes going up by Whitton United I’d like to see some investment into Old Norwich Road, Bury Road and Norwich Road. Specifically, where the 3 roads meet at the T-Junction opposite BMW Cooper. I believe that turning the unutilised bus lane into a turn left filter lane on Bury Road will sort traffic accordingly for straight on and left turn and double the capacity for vechiles along Bury Road which, in turn, will pull traffic off of the two roundabouts by the Anglia Retail Park and Asda and allow vechiles to move more freely. Working at Fred. Olsen on the industrial estate I believe this would also have a big benefit to traffic around the estate come 5PM when people can be sat in their vechiles for up to 20 minutes on Goddard Road just trying to make it to the roundabout. Moving back to the junction by the BMW Cooper Garage. Additional benefits would be the traffic lights on Old Norwich Road can stay on for longer and allow more cars through as Old Norwich Road can frequently be backed up with traffic all the way to the end of the road where Whitton Church lane connects. A lot of these vechiles are trying to get onto the A14, otherwise they’d use the back roads if they were trying to get into the centre of town. So, why can’t we open up the bus route heading down to Claydon along Old Norwich Road? This would reduce further strain on Bury Road and Old Norwich Road, resulting in clearer junctions, roundabouts by Asda and the Anglia Retail Park and will reduce strain on the slip roads on Junction 53. For what I can see, this would be a relatively low cost solution and investment as the infrastructure is already there.

    1. I agree, I think this is a great idea and the bus lane isn’t being utilised to move traffic onto old Norwich road quick enough. Failing this, my next concern is there not being a northern bypass for when the westerfield development occurs, these roads will be grid lock to get onto the A14. An alternative route to valley road really needs to be considered, especially as the Orwell bridge winds will always cause mayhem.

  51. Our town needs to be investing more into it’s people. Our crime rates are sky high and our homeless population has increased. Rather than building new water fountains and restaurants why don’t we invest in public interest companies and bring back some of the business we lost.

  52. Ipswich is a great place to live, social housing needs a boost and education. I hope the money is spent in the right areas, deprived areas need to be made to look like civilised communities and not a breeding ground for countylines recruitment.

  53. Better SEND education- empower this part of the community with proper education based on their needs and local industry

  54. Improvement of transport links as Ipswich relies heavily on the Orwell Bridge which, when closed due to high winds, snow or traffic breakdowns can bring the town to a halt. Alternative bridges, and a widening of the single lane track on the Levington Road would massively improve standards for locals and also speed up travel of lorries from and to Felixstowe port.

    Additionally, there are many empty buildings lining the waterfront and beyond that could be restored and used for education, start ups, co-working or business meet up groups to share knowledge, skills and ideas. In turn skills and knowledge gained by locals may improve their prospects, while the look and feel of the town improves, locals take pride in their town and prospects increase while crime reduces and a more cohesive community is encouraged.

  55. Northern Bypass! Traffic is horrendous in Ipswich especially at rush hour, if the Orwell Bridge shuts.

    Fix pot holes! There are some awful pot holes on our roads and nothing gets done.

    Dredge the ditches and ponds. There is a pond near me which always floods with any tiny bit of rain.

    Make housing more affordable from first time buyers. With how the current market is, I will never own my own home and I’m 26.

    Improve doctors surgeries, it’s putting pressure on A&E because local doctors can’t cope, too many houses are being built and not enough amenities are being improved to compensate.

  56. Invest in ‘green’ Ipswich. Cut the grass, clean the river, invest in better lighting by the river – make it friendly and clean to encourage people to walk there and be healthier!

    1. Yes riverside a huge under resourced area. I don’t like walking there in broad daylight . It could be a real feature joining the waterfront to inland areas .

      Join waterfront with main centre

  57. More police and a department store. Please reinstate Bury Road park n ride which serves a huge area and cost millions in the first place. It would really boost the town.

  58. invest in apprenticeships for 16 year olds.
    Tackle crime more police
    invest in Mental Health so a&e is not the 1st port of call wasting time and making patients worsening by having to wait so long because of the channels and long wait.
    Bring back vocational studies in schools for ALL students who wish to do them.

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