Empower the public – Investment in the non-commissioned third sector groups

Warrington runs on a group of great, dedicated volunteer who do what they do out of a sense of purpose, a sense of pride but overall a sense of love for there fellow humans.

Investing in non-commissioned groups who are that much closer to the community gets things done more effectively. Give these groups the empty buildings that are lay open to vandalism, let the people help each other … let our people deliver on the Big Community ideas that the government couldn’t.

Local groups are agile and responsive … with the right guidance, structure and safeguards in place we can enable people to look after themselves. Savings are made across the board when a community supports itself.

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1 comment on “Empower the public – Investment in the non-commissioned third sector groups

  1. A practical, small scale example would be the now closed maze in Sankey Valley, near Bewsey Old Hall. Once this was a popular venue for families, managed by the Warden Service. However, austerity has meant that service has disappeared and the maze subsequently closed.
    The solution would be to actively promote the concept of a ‘Friends of Bewsey Maze’ group via social media, local press & primary schools, and the Parish Councils. The ‘Friends’ could operate a rota of selected opening times & carry out routine maintenance via an annual small budget. Initial renovation would need a capital investment, but again carefully managed by the Friends Group.
    I am sure others can come up with similar proposals elsewhere in the Borough. My local example would be to support SCARs (Sankey Canal Restoration Society) in a similar fashion.
    We neglect our history too much …

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