Empty shop rental

I would like the money to be spent filling the empty/closed shops in Keighley. We need to focus on making the town look respectable for outside investors. The high street is crumbling and people are going elsewhere to shop.

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2 comments on “Empty shop rental

  1. I agree the town is starting to be filled with art stuff from keighley creative space which is not helping anyone or the local economy.

  2. Make shop owners take responsibility for their building or sell them.

    It would be nice if the Airedale centre did something about the old Laycocks that they bought, instead of just giving the small businesses parking tickets for parking behind the shops that they rent, just because they own half the road, how ridiculous.

    I rented a shop with parking but can’t park behind it, because I only rented half a road.

    Laycocks is now the new Rat trap and I don’t mean people dancing and having fun .. I mean rats the size of cats.

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