Empty shops

The empty shops are making the village more susceptible to crime and vandalism as there’s no reason for people to be proud or look after the space. Offer incentives for businesses that ARENT more take out places to open up and give the residents something to look after.

Also the council properties need to stop being a dumping ground for people and there needs to be more funding into the village as a whole to stop it being such a derelict village

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  1. I don’t think knocking down much needed housing stock is the answer I think you have to offer incentives to the residents who live in them maybe gates on backings has anyone done a house knock to see what the residents think most are starter houses for young families,we’re now going to see a new way of living with online shopping so its not just here ,we have some good groups working in the area police station now maned camera s up so not all doom & gloom railway embankment project now open & looking brill all from local people who care street’s looking cleaner thanks to BMBC who pick the litter up that the towns volunteers have collected off the streets there’s a brilliant new school Goldthorpe primary there’s Lot’s of people willing to help it just has to be meaningful.

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