Encourage co-working spaces

The empty shop fronts in Stevenage make the town centre look run down. Encourage co-working spaces so that SME’s/individual workers can work in the spaces. This would also allow for the spaces to be refurbished, and bring better life to the area. Especially beneficial considering its proximity to the train station.

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13 comments on “Encourage co-working spaces

  1. A good market for people to visit the old run down market can be sold and tuned into a community area food, wine bar fountain, build a new permanent market

  2. We need more free parking and shops to visit. Reduce rates in order to encourage more shops to open. Open a vegetarian restaurant.

  3. Reduce the rates and rents in the shops. Encourage more boutique style independent shops to add a lot more diversity to the town! Need more policing in the town centre to discourage antisocial behaviour. A regular farmers market or something similar would be great too!

  4. More green areas for community use with play areas for children, seating areas, allotment areas, wildlife areas (beehives, bug hotels), replanting of trees.

    Some of the housing areas in the Stevenage area are lacking this or need refreshing. We need to start protecting our green spaces and not building on them.

  5. Somewhere like a subsidised jukebox cafe for the towns teenagers to go to.

    Perhaps some nice restaurants in all the new empty shops under the new flats.

    Establish an area for a large market on saturdays or sundays outside of the town centre like the Dagenham Docks or North Weald markets.

  6. Excellent idea, this will be of benefit especially if the co working rates are affordable. There are far too many retail units that are empty and lifeless.

  7. Bring rates down and start allowing more local businesses to rent the premises which is visible not unobtainable!

  8. All the flats in the town centre are very run down they need an uplift as it makes the town centre not as inviting. The Hyde also needs an uplift. The roundabouts also look rundown with the metal gates going around them. Paint the gates or change the design.

    1. Space for young people to meet in safe places such as more youth clubs supervised by experienced youth workers,,,,, meeting paces for young mums and there children to meet in a supported environment .

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