Encourage people to give their cars up.

Worcester Council declared a climate emergency, and car use is a major contributor to this. The realisation with Covid 19 lockdown to just how much space vehicles have compared to pedestrians & cyclists should be a game changer. Society has a number of issues including obesity and pollution which could be improved markedly if car dependency was discouraged and public transport, walking, jogging & cycling pushed to the forefront in a much bigger and better way.

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5 comments on “Encourage people to give their cars up.

  1. I think the more practical and acceptable solution is to discourage car use and encourage walk, cycle and public transport use. Even if the County Council remains so positively pro-car there is certainly plenty the City can do to facilitate this transition and in doing so they would reduce congestion, decrease air pollution, support climate change objectives whilst also benefitting the wider community in social, economic, environmental and health terms. This does however largely on the understanding and political will of all our local elected representatives to do what is in our collective and best long term interests rather than trying to pander to what’s in their shorter term personal and political,interests. The reality is that once changes are made they do tend to get widespread public support. Certainly none of thjis needs to be or should be a party political issue. Reducing car use is in the best interest of everybody.

  2. Absolutely agree, previous comments asking for improvements to the river won’t be possible without reducing car use. Look at Nottingham for an example – make parking in the city much more expensive and use the revenue to improve public transport. If bus transport into the city was very cheap and reliable more people would be able to use it. Also make cycling safer!

  3. I agree completely that the city centre has been so much pleasanter during lockdown with the reduction in traffic. Obviously traffic will increase again, but Worcester roads are more or less like a giant car park at peak times, especially in areas such as London Road, and with so much house building happening, public transport and walking and cycling tours MUST improve. Far too many people are driving because the alternatives aren’t in place.

  4. I agree with this suggestion and to build on it with a real world solution we could employ, let’s look into a park and ride kind of scheme. Possible location between the St Johns and St Peters developments (not on flood plain)to the south and blackpole to the North, with electric buses and bike routes fanning out towards the city centre. If we create a giant free / discounted car park for Worcester residents with electric buses, bikes (incl new routes) and scooters we could effectively pedestrianise the city centre and reduce pollution by orders of magnitude. The bus service should be free/ discounted for Worcester residents and we should definitely look into a fleet of electric buses for this. The cheap fare would need to be low enough to incentivise people to use this instead of their cars and the route should ideally do a whole loop of the city centre including train stations and bus station so commuters could make use of it.
    I’d be more than happy to put forth a more detailed proposal for this.
    Let’s think big and set a precedent for the entire country for what a future city centre could/should look like.

  5. Travelling around has been so much easier with reduced vehicles on the roads. More people walking and cycling. Please build on this for the future…less congestion, less pollution, healthier more active people.

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