Encourage shoppers back

More car parking with larger spaces for modern cars, these don’t necessarily have to be free spaces.
Pedestrianised areas need to be covered because of our climate.
Do not demonise cars, they provide visitors and an ability to purchase in large quantities. Abolish bus lanes that are mainly empty, and treat drivers as second class, sitting in queues whilst empty buses saunter by. Install more pedestrian crossing with visible countdown facility, this helps drivers and pedestrians. Good lighting and security, shoppers need to feel safe. Less charity shops. As much as I support many charities, the plethora of these are distorting the retail market and depressing competition. These second hand stores should be located together and not scattered amongst traditional up market shops. Empty shops that remain empty for longer than six months should be advertised at a vastly reduced rent for at least twelve months. Shop rents should be determined by a free independent assessor.

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52 comments on “Encourage shoppers back

  1. There are some excellent points made here and the aim should be to keep customers in the city as long as possible to spend there money and having covered walkways in pedestrianised roads to make the experience more pleasant would be at the top of my list as well.
    We need to look st somewhere like Spain who cover areas because of the strong sun whereas we would cover for protecting agains rain and snow.
    Even large parasols evenly spaced out with seating would allow people to stay dry and sit for a rest therefore remaining in the city and not hiding under a doorway or just leaving the town all together.

    Why cant we access the car parks like Broad St and Birch St directly of the ring road therefore saving time and congestion just driving through town to get to a car park on the off chance it may have an empty space and wasting valuable retail time
    All the car parks should have available spaces shown as you arrive and be pay on departure and not on entry to stop people rushing back in the time allocated and sometimes if caught up in a queue in a bank for example being unable to shop anywhere else because of the fear of being fined.

  2. Please stop charging in car parks across Wolverhampton City – the parking charges are the same as Birmingham (which is a major UK hub well networked to the rest of the UK, unlike Wolverhampton, which has a high proportion of low-income workers and deprived neighbourhoods. Doesn’t make sense to me!

    In additional Merry Hill shopping centre is not far away and it offers free parking to all of its customers!

    If you want to encourage more, regular visits, then this is what I would recommend.

  3. More support for small business trying to make a living in the city centre.
    – It’s expensive to advertise since you have to pay for a licence to flyer or for A boards. Limiting advertising stifels small companies.
    – bigger buisness rates cuts. In a dying city buisness rates should be completely minimal to attract more buisness and to support shop owners.
    – rent control greedy property owners are desperate to make a return on their properties that are empty and are charging ridiculous rents to try and make money back almost bankrupting anyone who tries to fill them.
    – a reduction on trade waste prices which have to be paid for separately. If not a reduction a free recycling bin for each buisness.
    These are my opinions as a buisness owner in the city centre.

    As a shopper:
    – more bins on the streets Wolverhampton is full of rubbish. The high street is a mess with uneven pavements and dirty.
    – more entertainment. the night life in the town has been crushed because people can’t advertise and the civic has been under construction for so long bands and entertainers don’t play here.
    – car parking is an absolute nightmare people struggle to park some car parks are extortionate. Most are difficult to access because of one way systems or road works.
    -as much as I like Gregg’s do you not think by allowing so many chain stores they are crushing independent food vendors?
    – better disabled access more carparking closer to the centre for people with disabilities.
    -less black cabs they clutter the streets and cause chaos like at the train station there are so many they stop people being able to get near the station.

    This is a long list I live in Wolverhampton work and run my business in the city centre I see problems and hear complaints from my customers every day.

  4. Wolverhampton is not a good shopping experience currently. You park on the outskirts of where the shops are and hike all over the place to get where you want. I dread to think what it’s like if you are infirm or disabled.

    It will need a lot more than £25million to sort out though.

  5. Our town is in desperate need of breastfeeding fasciitis. A lot of breast feeding moms don’t even bother going to town and do all their shopping online since mothercare left the mander centre and the breast feeding room went with it. Some new moms don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public and they deserve to be able to feed their babies in private. Having to feed a baby in a public toilet is unnecessary and its quite frankly not on that moms are forced to do so.

    1. There is a breast feeding room in boots , but why should breast feeding moms have to be confined to a certain room. Breast feeding should be normalized and being out in the open will help this horrible stigma

      1. Cant say I’ve ever noticed. But I completely agree. I for one breast feed my 7 week old son wherever I like and it should be normalized but I can see why some younger (although I’m only 20 myself) first time moms or even moms that are restricted by their religion may feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. I personally think that breastfeeding cafes should be a thing but I’ll leave that one for dragons den 😂😂

  6. More green areas in the city would greatly improve the area and make it more of a communal space where people want to be in the summer

    1. Agreed. I grew up going to West Park. I don’t go anymore! The park rangers went, a lot the flower beds are just filled with overgrown shrubs now and the drunks have moved in. It used to be a stunning place to visit

  7. I agree with most of these points. A logical plan of town, that would have local businesses with bespoke products, a food centre, high street shops, making the shopping experience easier on the feet and more fun. Abolishing bus lanes might be difficult. I don’t think the city centre has the right infrastructure to deal with mass traffic, especially at rush hour. Instead bus fares should be cheaper than they are for semi frequent users. There should be designated car parks that lead into town in my opinion rather than flood town with cars.
    Ultimately the sad fact is as time goes on, the shopping experience will confine itself to switching on your iPad at home and going on Amazon. I say knock the centre down and turn it into fun centre with go cart racing, paintball, cinema food and clubs, if us yamyams can’t don’t know how to spend money, we know how to have fun!

  8. More free parking for customers and staff who work in Wolverhampton
    Cinema complex in town such as odeon or cineworld would bring more people to the city, and better restaurants around near it. Everything at the back of town near wilkos was shut, put nice restaurants and bars there as it’s a ghost town
    Create a kid friendly fun park? So it makes it easy for moms who don’t drive to take their children on an afternoon out and meet up with other moms
    Create more escape rooms or activities for adults to do on a evening – in Birmingham there are a number of escape rooms, digbeth dining club, the floodgate, roxy ballroom something using a simple concept but making it unique
    Make rents on shops cheaper and more affordable to help shop owners reach more realistic targets.

  9. Moving here from Birmingham the biggest thing I noticed was how quickly it became a ghost town at 5pm! If the shopping centre stayed open after 5 more people would shop there.
    I personally finish after 5 some weekends included and find myself going to Birmingham for shops that are in Wolverhampton but are closed.
    Having said that, the options are few, more stores would be beneficial, less charity and gaming. The buses I think are a bit excessive however it is better than having random cars stopping holding up traffic.
    Wolverhampton could do with more cycle lanes.
    If you gave free parking on weekends or better rates, more people would spend more time in the city paired up with better restaurants, cafes, coffee shops.
    Oh and break the concrete jungle up with a little more greenery

  10. unused buildings/shops should be offered to small local business owners and people with home run businesses as pop up shops for a reduced sum for small amounts of time (for example 2 week/1month contract). This would not only help to boost the local economy but also encourage people to buy local products and support others in the local area as well as promoting the benefits of having a business/store in Wolverhampton to potential clients and investors who considering opening a store in the city

  11. I think it would be a good idea to decrease bus fares, especially for young adults and teens, to make it easier for people to both access the city and it’s surroundings as well as encourage them into the area. Other cities such as Liverpool offer cheaper transport for people up to the age of 20 which encourages people into town rather than other nearby shopping locations that can be driven to easier. This may encourage young and influential people to use public transport more frequently rather than driving into the city centre and causing pollution as well as visiting the mander centre rather than shopping precincts such as Bentley bridge

  12. • free parking on parking meters on Sunday’s
    •More art installations,
    •Capped rent and Free council tax for Independant shops and cafe,
    •green areas inside city centre
    •education packs for primary and secondary schools on local history; including photos; trails
    •vacant units used for art exhibitions and arts projects including music and dance

  13. I think the retailers no matter what will struggle to compete against online retailers and people looking for the cheaper price. I think we should spend the money looking more at how the high street is changing and invest in more community/social places. If you have a reason to go into town you are likely to buy something whilst you are there. I’ve seen it in other cities where they use empty shops and place table tennis tables etc in their which are free to use and it encourages people to come in. If you look at Harborne in Birmingham the shops aren’t great but it does well because it is such a social hotspot with plenty of options. Let’s admit that the high street is changing and we need it to evolve.

  14. The town centre is disjointed and has a poor offering for shopping, leisure, restaurants & bars. A whole now approach is needed so it can compete with Telford & Birmingham in the first instance
    As an example it’s cheaper to go the Cinema 20 minutes away in Telford than Wolverhampton including petrol costs

  15. Free parking. Extortionate for a town with not many shops. Telford and Merry hill better options. Too many empty premises.

  16. Encourage more city living that would support local shops. Extremely small amount of people live inside the ring road.

  17. Encourage new retailers to open more shops in currently vacant outlets and also reasonable parking charges for shoppers

  18. Scrap the bus lanes that serve mainly empty buses while the rest of us queue in traffic jams.
    The funding should primarily go to the smaller towns like Bilston and Wednesfield.
    Bilston market is excellent and very popular with shoppers so more parking would be great.
    Wednesfield High Street needs its original market place back. Putting the stalls on the High Street did nothing for the traders whatsoever.

    The biggest and most important to add……
    All funding should stay away from all of the local authority councillors as they will simply pocket the money in pay rises and bonuses.
    Wolverhampton City Council, in my opinion, is mismanaged and borderline corrupt.
    There’s never any funding for any real community insentives at all really. But there always appears to be plenty to be spent prior the end of a financial year in the run up to the next budget.
    You can always tell when the new financial year is round the corner when unnecessary signs, fences and flowers appear around the city.

  19. More disabled parking as they cannot use bus or carry shopping. Elderly need to be able to see before they buy.
    Give incentive to small businesses with lower rates and shared space. People like to try clothes on to see fit. Advertising for retail ideas

  20. Parking needs to be a priority in Wolverhampton! No where to park or parking prices too high then no one will visit Wolverhampton.

  21. • More opportunities for small businesses
    • More bars & restaurants
    • Spaces to develop the nightlife
    • Support & Help for people who want to push there business

  22. Finish the Metro link, it’s gone on to long and the loss of income to the business in Queen Street as forced some to close.
    Encourage small businesses to set up in the centre.
    Make access to the City easier, over 1 hour to travel 4 miles is not ideal. Build on brown sites and leave the Green belt areas alone.
    Clamp down on unsocial behaviour, fly tipping and put an end to the no go zones.

  23. More bike rent points, streets are full of cars and need to do something about rubbish on the streets, just walked on Stanlay Road it’s really sad how place looks or some bus stops are just like potential ‘catch corona spot’

  24. Free parking is necessary to attract shoppers. I also think bus fares in Wolverhampton are extortion and need to be dropped.

  25. I see so many towns with the same generic shops. I would like Wolverhampton to be different by encouraging independant retailers in. Look at Worcester street, it has two motorcycle shops. That have supported the town for years. Let us support them by lowering business rates and turn Worcester street into motorcycle street by encouraging online retailer to have a shop front, and approach local businesses to reallocate to the town. So if anyone wants anything motorcycle related Wolves is the place to come. We could use this model with music shops, equinox type shops, coupled with cheap parking, we could create healthy competition with high footfall because Wolves is the place to come with a diverse range of independant shops.

  26. Lived since 1965
    Did 27 years service as a part- time youth work. Government closed down youth centres, crime increased. Payments widened and roads narrowed! It does not make sense! Other measures could have been taken. Not enough free parking in the city etc etc

  27. Completely agree. Would like to add that an area for free parking would be nice, it can be hard to find cheap parking anywhere other than St. John’s Retail park which is slightly out of the way especially if carrying large amounts of shopping. This will also encourage people to shop shop in Wolverhampton.

    Adding on about the number of bus lanes I too have noticed an increase and this maybe a way to combat climate change but how about more cycle lanes but not just through the city centre, though the whole of the City of Wolverhampton. With climate change and an obesity crisis in the UK we need to enough people to stop using their cars and get more exercise and this would be a great was to do both by killing two birds with one stone.

    In terms of reducing rent prices of vacant spaces and shops, this is a great idea because it will encourage more small local business to entre the market giving then opportunities to grow their brand. For now, the spaces should transformed into looking more vibrant and colourful like that if the space Mothercare occupied which has a wall that can be used creatively or the “Before I die…” wall that was in Victoria Street. Promote creativity and stop the spaces from looking derelict, run down and abandoned. No one wants to visit a city centre with no open shops especially when it looks closed of and uninviting.

  28. There simply aren’t enough people, either in the city centre or coming in to the city centre to maintain all the shops.

    Large employers have closed down, so people aren’t popping out at lunch time and there are few supermarkets within the collar of the ring road to bring people in.

    The market is only open four days a week and closes before a lot of people finish work.

    There are expensive ‘mini markets’, but of course, everyone will go elsewhere because it’s cheaper.

    We’ve got the Grand Theatre and the Molineaux as ‘big draws’, but the city is scruffy, the pavements are lined with beggars walking up from the train station, the derelict places and the building works put people off and the Britannia Hotel an eyesore.

    The city centre is closing down, with the city council presiding over the dereliction of large sites in prominent positions within the city.

    1. Tesco in the Mander Centre is hugely missed by those who don’t drive and by people working in the town centre.
      Could they be persuaded back, or another company.
      Not just a “local” with limited choice and inflated prices.
      It is plain to see from the crowds in the food section of the new B&M that the need is there.

  29. Clean up the city!
    As i’ve got older the city centre and the rest of wolverhampton has got dirtier and more depressing. So much so that i’d rather not go into town anymore because of how rough it’s gotten. I think that cleaning up the city, making it greener (with plants and flowers AND more public recycling bins etc)
    I also agree with reducing bus fares, it’s probably cheaper for my to drive into town and park, ultimately causing more traffic in the centre

  30. Redevelop the wasteland where the old industries have now disappeared but left rundown old buildings. Could be green space, communal gardens, recreation space, community veg and fruit

  31. More secure meeting places for teenagers, more greenery, cleaner footpaths and streets.
    And definitely our shopping centre is the worst place in the UK 😉

  32. Shops that are worth going into town for (not Poundland etc).
    A supermarket in the town centre, there’s nowhere other then M&S to pick groceries up.
    A leisure area for restaurants / bars / hotel etc.
    Better access around the football ground especially on match days.
    There’s a lot of closed down shops, that could provide pop up options to local businesses/charities/events etc.

  33. Cheaper parking in secure car parks, I am petrified to park my car in this town as the only cheaper car parks are outside of the town and my car got vandalised one of these car parks. This is one of the reasons people have stopped going to high streets etc, because they don’t know what condition their car will be in when they return.

  34. In my view, you have some beautiful buildings downtown, but they look run down – sometimes just a lick of paint would help. Many empty shops, rents are too high for the current climate – at least give businesses a chance. Public facilities, like loos, are hard to reach – for many this is off-putting. I am not quite sure I agree with parking, but transport should be cheaper than it is – it’s expensive to go a mile on the bus – and there should be one that goes around the town, for free, just to let people get places. A proper German Market at Christmas. It would be nice to shop in town, but not everything I want or need is there – M&S is fine, and there are other nice shops, but the Sainsbury’s, for example, is on the other side of the ring road – you can walk to it, but I was in town much more when it was central, and the other supermarket. Parking can be a problem, but it is not insurmountable – but it is expensive. Two hours should be cheap! Thinking of businesses, a well-liked pub had to leave because of doubled rents – after investing a significant amount in the premesis. That sort of thing should be discouraged. I don’t know who owns the properties, but that should not happen. Some kind of public space for events like parties – the Lighthouse is good, but something that brings people in for things like hen nights and birthday parties – once people are in town, they will do other things. People need to feel safe – not always true with drunken football fans (although Go Wolves!) – but people who are not that way inclined also need spaces to go. Keep the streets clean, find a better solution for homelessness. Indeed, the increase in the homeless population probably detracts more from the city than anything else. It is not a case of moving them on, it is finding a better solution to the problem. Tiny homes for individuals perhaps.

  35. Wolverhampton needs Green spaces, trees and park areas, places for people to sit,
    A child’s play area in the town would be lovely.

  36. Wolverhampton has go down bad and there is not enough shop for the bigger person how need clothes which I find upset and with all the bus lane around wolverhampton Town there is no point trying to park so I go somewhere else.
    The town is outdate for the time now

  37. Better shops, better access to them (the new lifts in the mander centre are out of the way and off putting.)
    Free and better parking.
    Stop making promises about developments like west side etc, when summer row didn’t happen and all the shops were closed for no reason.
    Cheaper bus fares.
    Look at other places like telford and see what they do to encourage shoppers. It feels safe walking round telford, and there’s the park and lots of eateries. On a summers day telford is lovely. I’ve never been to Wolverhampton and thought it was a nice trip out.
    It’s a ghost town and an embarrassment.

  38. Anything and everything to encourage shoppers. More car parking with free or all day parking deals. Get shoppers back and encourage more shops to come back before Wolverhampton becomes a ghost town

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