Engage the young people!

We desperately, desperately need to engage the young people of this town. Inadequate funding has led to loss of youth services and a lack of safe, supervised spaces for young people to meet. In turn, this has led to groups of teenagers meeting up in unsuitable surroundings with nothing to do and no one to care, leading to an inevitable rise in anti social behaviour and increased inter-generational rifts. Rather than foisting services/facilities on them, I suggest we engage with them and seek their ideas (beyond skate parks, football pitches etc). For example, what voluntary opportunities would interest them? What skills do they need to contribute effectively to society and make us all proud of them? We need to find out what would inspire them to make the changes this town needs for their futures. Without them, this town HAS no future…

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1 comment on “Engage the young people!

  1. Maybe we need parents to engage first and accept their responsibilities first.many of these activities need VOLUNTEERS to make them function. It is regrettable that too many parents expect some one else to run the activities and some public body to fund everything.

    One if the first skills required by a young person growing up is that each of them should have a sense of responsibility for society – which ought to have been part of their upbringing as a child within a family unit. If someone wants a facility to be provided they should be part of it and contribute in some practical way to it.

    If young people’s facilities / activities are provided for young people, these youngsters should actually help build / convert / paint / clean them wherever appropriate. Let them “take ownership” of it.
    Moreover they should be represented on the management team / committee.

    When I was a teacher unfortunately there were always some parents who thought that it was the school’s role to discipline their child and were probably then unhappy if he/she was “kept in” after school.
    We can’t change society on our own but maybe Boston should set an example starting with parental responsibility for their own children.

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