Engage young adults, attract visitors

An activity hub of some sort/Internet cafe. Lots of teenagers are hanging around in Mc Donald’s in the evening as it’s the only safe warm place for them to go. Some sort of Internet cafe would give them this safe place to go. This would also give a target area for careers advice, health advice etc a safe, but fun place for young adults helping to bring together the younger generation so that we have a more inclusive town as adults.

More attractions so that people come to our town to spend money rather than just driving through it to get to others. Just some of the reasons people travel:
*Indoor shopping mall
* Trampoline parks
*fairy dell/picnic area

Also a supermarket Boston bowl side of town to help traffic congestion.

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4 comments on “Engage young adults, attract visitors

  1. I think that some sort of a youth hub is a great idea. Not all of our young people are out to cause mischief, but when I see groups of bored teenagers hanging around I definitely feel that we need somewhere they feel they can hang out with friends on an evening and at weekends. Somewhere warm, safe, no drugs, no alcohol, comfy spaces to sit around, listen to music, play video games etc. Be great to try to involve local sportspeople, personal trainers from the local gym, maybe have demonstrations on boxing, self-defence classes, invite young bands and musicians, and get cool local artists to decorate it so that it appeals to young people. Anyone really that is keen to inspire the next generation of teenagers from all walks of life to find a passion or learn a new skill. Ages strictly say 13-19?? Nobody too young and no adults other than the organisers? …

  2. Despite the fact that it might attract the trouble making element of teens, I feel this should definitely be given a go but it would need to be well staffed and policed regularly

  3. Creating a central hub with sports, leisure and careers/work/volunteering advice for teenagers and young adults would make a huge difference, both to them and the wider community.

  4. The young adults to whom this observation refers, I believe are a minority who will inevitably try to create attention to themselves by creating mischief. Resources spent on them will be wasted unless their leaders can be identified and held responsible for their minions.

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