Enhance our floodplains for city access to wildlife increasing biodiversity

Use the money to buy up the flood plain upstream of the City of Hereford. Arrest the destruction of marshland habitat. Protect the historic conservation area at 3 Elms from over development. Use the money to create a green space for nature around Three Elms. It will protect the city from floods for generations to come. Climate change is increasing flood events so enhancing flood plain capacity upstream of cities is a necessity. Proposals to build on this area will reduce the capacity of the floodplain and increase risk of greater flood damage throughout Hereford. Conservation of the site would be best managed by the HWT. It would enhance biodiversity and help to pay the pensions managed by the Church Comissioners who want to sell the land to raise capital. It is close to dense population and would make a perfect nature park in the city.

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