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POT HOLES – pot holes in more rural or less “important” areas have been ignored for years. Places such as the main town centre and southwater are maintained, but smaller places on the outskirts of Telford such as donnington and admaston are ignored. The road leading up to Hoo Farm is awful and putting people off driving down it meaning less people visiting the zoo
Animal facilities – speaking of zoos, why is the council giving exotic zoo every helping hand they can offer, giving them arguably the best plot of land in Telford in terms of business, but offers Hoo Farm (who have been around much longer) bugger all help? Both establishments are equally as important and do equally good jobs of creating tourist attractions and educational facilities, so how is it fair that money and help is given to one and not the other?
Litter/bins – more bins are needed on well used public walkways and littering needs to be taken seriously – fines and penalties for those caught and proper clean up work

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