Environmental improvements

• Carry out environmental improvements to Britannia Park as an amenity for residents. Relatively few updates have been made since park opening in 1932 compared with other parks in the local authority.
• Create a Register of important local buildings and features of historic interest. A register was proposed by the local authority around ten years ago, but nothing was ever done in this town.
• Ensure that mature trees and woodland are fully recorded, preserved and not lost. Many trees subject to Trees Preservation Orders (TPOs) have been lost and not replaced by young tree planting. The current TPO register is outdated.
• Enhance and preserve the Rowley Hills as an open space green amenity.
• Consider creating a central town feature with something unique to Rowley Regis. This could use the famous “Rowley Rag” dolerite rock – perhaps using some of the many large natural boulders available around the Rowley Hills and old quarries.

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1 comment on “Environmental improvements

  1. Britannia Park is pretty much a patch of grass and doesn’t really warrant further amenities.
    Unfortunately, there isn’t much left in the way of historical importance in area to conserve or celebrate. It was all pulled down years ago.
    The last thing people of Rowley Regis want is an overpriced public art sculpture /eyesore celebrating a bit of stone.
    I strongly suggest you scrap all these plans as none of them are relevant to the area.

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