Essential infrastructure, not pie in the sky.

Some of the money should be spent to repair the roads and bring them up to a decent standard.
No money to be spent on church projects, or wasted on building renovations the council have deliberately let fall into disrepair over the years.
Smaller local shops should be supported by rate grants to encourage people into the town centre.
None of this money should be spent on Councillors ‘pet’ projects as most people don’t buy into them and they are in the main usrd for the councillors personal profiles. Neither do we need any more sports facilities.
Decent manned, town centre, toilets should be built and maintained to a high standard unlike the diabolical shambolic block under the multistory car park. Not a decent toilet anywhere in town. Disgusting for a town like Workington that want to attract visitors.

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2 comments on “Essential infrastructure, not pie in the sky.

  1. I agree the roads need repaired, the temp fillings they do only last a month before they need filled again.

    There is still a massive lack of good sports facilities for outdoor sports. but if there is a proposed £25 Mill investment i’m sure the council can improve a range of things.

    1. This money is for regeneration and halting the decay in the town… I fully support the view of encouraging enterprise by funding the empty shop spaces. Let’s have some good locally based retail establishments it’s only the cost keeping these units empty. As for sporting facilities we have one and one vanity project is enough.

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